Inversion Table for Herniated Disc

Inversion Table for Herniated DiscWeakness in the lower end of the back might be diagnosed as a herniated disc. This condition of the spine can be a result of trauma, injuries, or various other unknown causes.

In this, the cushion between the lower portions of the spinal cord bulges out than usual, resulting in severe lower back pain.

A major problem can occur to the spinal nerves that might get damaged due to this abnormal bulge. This bulge is because of the ruptured elastic disc present in the lower back, which is known as a herniated disc.

The inversion table is an ideal treatment that can support the back, release stresses, and thus relieve pain.

The following symptoms characterize herniated Disc:

  • Tingling and numbness: A sense of numbness starting from the buttock and extending to one or both legs.
  • Problems related to bowel or bladder: A loss of bladder or bowel control can indicate a serious issue related to a herniated disc. If one is suffering from this, then he/she must contact a doctor immediately.
  • Muscle Weakness: Pain in thighs and legs that start from the lower back and extend to the buttocks and legs.
  • Severe pain: A sense of acute pain without any specific reason in the extreme lower back areas.

Inversion table therapy:

Out of the main treatments used for curing herniated disc and for alleviating its symptoms is inversion table therapy.

It is used to take the pressure off from the spinal cord, which builds up due to the gravitational pull of the earth and body weight by inverting the body at a certain angle to regulate the blood circulation.

This helps in easing the pain in that area and increasing the space between the spinal vertebrates, hence relieving the pain.

Apart from this, an inversion table for herniated disc provides more stability to the body by strengthening the lower back muscles.

It is advised to consult doctors before starting to use inversion table as there are certain conditions in which use of inversion table can prove to be troublesome like heart disease, high BP, eye-related problems and pregnancy, etc. also one should not use this table for more than ten to fifteen minutes or as advised by the doctor.

Inversion therapy is done by using equipment that usually consists of a table that is invertible and gives support to your body. Beginners must keep someone by their side in case assistance is required.

Benefits of inversion table for herniated disc are:

  • Treats the condition effectively.
  • Strengthens the lower back muscles.
  • It gives more stability and balance to the body.
  • Increase in leg strength.

This therapy uses a zero-gravity technique as the pressure is completely removed from the back muscles that provide them with more strength and stability. Zero gravity means that the pressure over the spine is distributed to other parts, making it feel light and relaxed (it certainly doesn’t mean that you will float in the air!). Therefore, using an inversion table helps get rid of the pain in this condition.

There can be several reasons behind lower back pain, of which herniated disc is only one reason and has certainly become one of the major and commonly encountered causes.

This problem of the herniated disc varies from person to person, depending on their daily routine and lifestyle. An inversion table can help in alleviating the pain and discomfort caused by this condition. It can aid back muscles to repair, providing the person with stronger lower back muscles and stability.

Consult your doctor or physician to know how to use an inversion table in the best way possible and get rid of your herniated disc pain.